Silas at 5 weeks (8) by ajabean
Silas at 5 weeks (8), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

5 weeks today! You’re definitely starting to make more baby noises, little coos and happy sounds. This morning before your dad left for work he got some great smiles out of you, and then later you gave me some more. Your smiles are so fun!

Despite all the major life changes around here I have managed to get a bit of knitting in. My most recent finished project is a Stripe Study Shawl.

Stripe Study Shawl (4)

When my mom got into town before Silas was born we decided to do a little knit-a-long and picked out this project. I knit a few rows on mine before his arrival, but left it languishing for quite a while afterwards.

Stripe Study Shawl (3)

Not that I was totally neglecting my knitting, I did finish a monkey,

Silas at 9 days (3)

a pair of legwarmers,

Pashmina legwarmers

and a couple of monsters.

Mini Maddox for Mat (3)

Mini Maddox for me (4)

I really loved this project, and the day after finishing I cast on for Different Lines, a variation on the theme!

Silas at 34 days by ajabean
Silas at 34 days, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Our first day alone together in quite a while! After a difficult night we’re having a bit of a difficult day. You seem to want to be held constantly! I put you in the moby wrap and you were able to fall asleep. You definitely needed a nap, and while I’m not as mobile as if you were in the bassinette, it’s definitely better than nothing. This afternoon we finally made it out of the house. We took our first walk on Alki with Kisha. Almost the whole time we walked you watched Kisha. We decided you were telepathically communicating with her baby, telling him about life on the outside and what to expect when he arrives in June!

Lately I’ve been feeling like you look so much bigger, but this photo reassures me that you’re still tiny, especially when compared to your dad’s hands!

Silas at 33 days (2) by ajabean
Silas at 33 days (2), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

5/9 – Day 33: Lots of smiling, lots of napping, both with dad and in the moby wrap!

Silas at 32 days by ajabean
Silas at 32 days, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Happy first mother’s day!

Silas at 31 days by ajabean
Silas at 31 days, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

This morning Lora and Ellen came over to meet you. They have been so patient waiting this long before seeing you! They brought bagels and I made coffee, and they spent the whole visit looking at you and holding you. After they left, you and I went to the airport again to pick up your dad! He is so happy to be home with us again!

Once we got home and settled, we popped you back in the stroller and walked down to get lunch at the Marination food truck. Their food is so good, and today the Parfait ice cream truck was parked right next to them. We had a little picnic lunch sitting in the grass on a side street, and had ice cream as we walked home. Now you and your dad are taking a nap on the couch. It seems like you’re as happy to have him home as he is glad to be here!

Every day you’re getting more expressive. If you’re in a good mood, we can play with you and really make you smile! Lately before changing your diaper I’ll lay you down in your crib and move your legs like you’re riding a bicycle. I talk to you in a funny voice and give you kisses while doing it and you seem to like it a lot! Sometimes I can even get you to smile!

Silas at 1 month (3) by ajabean
Silas at 1 month (3), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today is your one month birthday! So many milestones! Your Aunt and I had appointments downtown this morning, so we got up a bit early and headed out. You were pretty mellow all morning, so we did some errands and had lunch before coming back home for the afternoon. Today was Deya’s last day here, so she spent a lot of time holding you and loving you before we had to go to the airport. She was so sad to have to leave! I was sorry to see her go as well, it was so much fun to have her visiting!

Tonight was the second night in a row that you have been really fussy in the evening. When your dad and I were talking on Skype I had to stand and bounce with you the whole time so you didn’t cry!

Silas at 29 days by ajabean
Silas at 29 days, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

This morning we hung out at home where your Auntie made us a great breakfast. Later we drove down to the junction to pick out mother’s day cards for your grandmas. We thought about trying to go out for Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo, but you were a little bit fussy and didn’t seem like you would enjoy being stuck in a restaurant. Instead we picked up Thai food and ate at home while watching a movie.

Silas at 4 weeks (2) by ajabean
Silas at 4 weeks (2), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today you are 4 weeks old! I can’t believe you’ve already been here that long! This morning I got up really early and took your dad to the airport. I woke up your Auntie and she got into bed with you to make sure you were ok while we were gone. This was the first time I’ve left you with someone else! I knew you would be fine with her, and you were (you slept the whole 45 minutes I was out), but it’s a pretty big deal! Once I got back I climbed back in bed with you and we managed to sleep in pretty late after nursing and a diaper change.

We took you out for your first (of many I’m sure) breakfast at Lola. Their food is so good and the whole family loves to eat here when they’re in town. It always feels like a special occasion to go! You were awake almost the whole time we were there, just taking in the atmosphere. You didn’t fuss at all, just looked around a lot.

After breakfast we drove up to Queen Anne, where we nursed in the car for the first time, and I changed your diaper in the back. It felt like a pretty big deal to me, since now that I know we can manage those things, we can be out for longer periods of time without having to come home in between.

Silas at 27 days (5) by ajabean
Silas at 27 days (5), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today was another mellow day hanging out with your Auntie. We went to lunch at Easy Street, stopped by the yarn store to introduce you, and got some groceries. Other than that we didn’t do a whole lot! When your dad got home he was feeling pretty stressed about having to leave again tomorrow to go to Wisconsin. He told me he felt heartsick leaving you again so soon. He took a nap with you laying on his chest and felt a bit better after waking up. He told me that napping like that with you is pretty much his favorite thing in the world.

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