For the longest time now I’ve really wanted to make a quilt. However, a few things have stopped me;

  1. I don’t feel like I have the best ability to pick patterns and colors that will  look good together
  2. I’ve never owned a sewing machine
  3. I haven’t sewn anything since my mom taught me to make scrunchies in elementary school

Yesterday I had a little time to kill after work and I stopped into Stitches, a little fabric and yarn store on Capitol Hill. I think I managed to get past #1, and pick out four fabrics that compliment each other well.

I also love the colors, especially that little aqua green flower!

As for #2, when we moved into our new house back in May, the previous owners and tenants had left a lot of stuff behind. A LOT of stuff… really, it took three or four trips to the dump, and about six carloads to Goodwill before the house was cleared out. There were a couple of treasures that we kept though! One of them was this:

I tried google searching for Brother teal/aqua vintage/retro sewing machine but couldn’t come up with much info about it except that it’s probably from the 1950’s. Really the only thing I learned was to take it in to get serviced before trying anything with it, so that’s the plan. I love it though, and hope I can end up using it! What a score, right!?

When it comes to #3, I think I might just have to suck it up and take a sewing class. I think it’s been so long since my scrunchie days that I definitely need a refresher. I’d also love to learn how to sew some fun stuff!

If anyone has any knowledge about this kind of machine, or being a beginning sewist in general, I’d love to hear about it!