California was wonderful.

There were family celebrations,

Passover! My family isn’t religious, we used to do the holidays with my grandparents but it was mostly about the food. My stepmom is great and did the whole Passover haggada. It was a first for most of us, and really beautiful.

My awesome dad! Blurry and making a funny face, but still.

There was sightseeing,

My mom and I took Mat to Pepperdine University, where we used to go run on the track and took swimming lessons. The view is obviously spectacular!

There was a little bit of knitting,

That’s the beginning of a Honey Cowl (ravelry link) out of Rowan Cashsoft DK, and a small piece of the view from my room at my dad’s house. Pretty nice place to knit!

Being there reminded me how much I miss my family and how hard it is to be away from them.

I got to attend a BPAL will call, which was so stinking great (see what I did there, hehe).

We went to Groundlings, which was fun. I’d never seen an improv show before.

On our way out of town I forced Mat to stop at Bay Cities Deli for sandwiches. He thanked me later 🙂