Silas - Just born by ajabean
Silas – Just born, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

You were born at 2:43am on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at Valley Medical Center almost 48 hours after my water broke. Nana, Poppy, and Phoebe were all here in the birth center waiting area for someone to come out and tell them that you were here and they could see you. You were 8 lbs, 3.7oz, and 19.25 inches long.

When you first came out, they nurse and midwife set you on my chest so we could see you for the first time. You had your eyes open and were so aware already! Your dad started talking to you and you looked at him and watched him the whole time he talked. He was so excited that you liked him already! We were so happy to meet you after all this time waiting for you. I couldn’t believe how much I loved you right away! It was so amazing to me that you were the one I had been carrying around in my belly for the past nine months!

After they cleaned you up a little bit we nursed while your dad went to tell everyone that you were here! You latched on right away which made me happy that you would be suck a good eater! Everyone came to see you and fell in love with you immediately.

All day we stayed at the birth center, and the nurses would come in every little while to check on you. Your grandma and grandpa Riddle came to see you for the first time, and Nana and Poppy and Phoebe came back to spend some time with you. That night, your dad went home so he could get a little sleep, and I stayed with you at the hospital. The nurses came in throughout the night, and when it had been 24 hours since your birth they did some tests. For one test they had to prick your heel and make you bleed and I felt so sad for you! It made me want to cry when you cried.