Today your dad and Nana came back to the hospital to spend the morning with us while we got ready to go home. The doctors and midwives came in to check us out throughout the day and we were finally given the all clear to leave! As we walked through the hospital to get outside I felt worried about all the sick people being near you. You had lived your whole life so far in the room you were born in. It felt like a big deal to leave that room and go out into the world.

We got home and you slept for a while hanging out with your dad and Nana so I could take a nap. I was pretty tired at that point since I hadn’t really slept since my water broke Monday morning. A little later, Poppy and Phoebe came over and we all had Thai food for dinner. After that you and I were both pretty tired, so we went to bed, though we had a pretty hard night. You wanted to nurse all night, but you didn’t really want to keep eating, mostly you just wanted to suck. I finally had your dad get one of the pacifiers we had gotten to see if that helped. It really did, and we were both able to sleep for about 45 minutes in the morning until we had to get up to go to the doctor.