I felt much better today after we slept so well last night. We got up in the morning and spent some time hanging out with Nana. She had to leave today, which made both of us really sad. I cried a lot when she left, and it still makes me cry a little bit to think about her having to go when you are still so little!Before Nana left your dad and I cut your fingernails for the first time. They were so long when you were born and you really like to rub your face with your hands. We were worried you were going to scratch your eyes and skin with them! After we did that, your dad carried you around the house making space ship noises. You really like listening to him and watching him while he’s talking to you.

Your dad took Nana to the airport and did some errands on his way back so you and I napped a little bit until Poppy and Phoebe came over to spend the afternoon with us. Poppy is a great photographer, and he took lots of pictures of us so we have a record of this time when you’re so new!

Your dad and Poppy went to Endolyne Joe’s to pick us up some dinner, and we ate all together. After dinner I was pretty tired again, so after I nursed you, I went up to bed while you and your dad hung out. We had another great night of sleep, only waking up a couple of times.