Silas & Poppy, day 4 by ajabean
Silas & Poppy, day 4, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

After our great night of sleep, I think we all woke up pretty happy. I got up and took care of the dogs and made some coffee while your dad snuggled with you, then I nursed you while he started waking up and getting ready for the day. After nursing your dad was changing you and you had a huge spit up all over everything! It makes you so mad when we have to take off your clothes to change you! I understand though, it’s hard to be wet and cold! Usually once you have your clothes on again and are all swaddled up you get happy again pretty fast. Sometimes you make little squeaking and cooing noises that are so sweet they make everyone around you smile.

Poppy and Phoebe came over for the last time today before they have to leave. Of course they want to spend as much time with you as they can before they have to go home! We all spent the day lounging around and relaxing, and Poppy took lots of photos of you. It’s hard to resist wanting to capture every moment since you’re so beautiful, and changing so fast!

I was a little concerned by the afternoon since you hadn’t gone poo at all and the feeding diary we got from the birth center said you should have at least three poopy diapers by this day. I called the hospital and left a message and they called me back and said as long as you were eating a lot then you were fine. They said you are probably going through a growth spurt, which we can see too, since your cheeks are back to being as chubby as they were when you were born! A little after getting the message, you had two really big poops! That made me feel a lot better!

Your dad took Poppy and Phoebe to the airport, and when he got back the three of us watched a little tv and relaxed before bed. You were a little fussier, but I think it was because you had another big poo waiting to happen! After you got that out you felt a lot better and slept pretty well.