Today is our first day home alone without your dad. Unfortunately he had to go back to work, which is a pretty big bummer for all of us! It took me a while to figure out how to manage both you and the dogs first thing in the morning, but we figured it out! I also was able to take a shower, which I didn’t  think I was going to be able to do, but we managed that too! I nursed you to sleep and put you in the moses basket on the bathroom floor so I could peek out and make sure you were ok periodically during my shower. It went better than I expected!

Later this afternoon we had our first visitors. Sara and Kisha came over to see you, which was a lot of fun. They both oohed and aahed over you and thought you were adorable, of course! Another first today was our first Skype date with Poppy and Phoebe. I held you upright leaning against my chest so they could see you and we talked for quite a while. They were so excited to get to see you again! Poppy even held Beso up on his lap so he could see you too.