Silas day 10 by ajabean
Silas day 10, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today is Saturday! I’m so excited because your dad is home with us today and tomorrow! He has a bunch of things he wants to get done, so you and I will be leaving the house more than we’ve become accustomed to. I think it’ll be good for us since we have to go to the doctor on Monday and Tuesday and I’ll be taking you by myself!

This morning we went to Eyes on Fremont so your dad could pick out a new pair of glasses. I felt pretty excited to be out of the house since it has been quite a while! After that we dropped your dad off at home and you and I went to the grocery store. Our first time out of the house with just the two of us! I was nervous, but you slept the whole time!

Today was so full that I forgot to take a photo of you before dark! I had to take this bad one with my cell phone to keep up to date!