Silas day 12 (4) by ajabean
Silas day 12 (4), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

This morning was your circumcision. They told us we couldn’t feed you after 7:00am, so you and I got up early so you could eat. We went to the doctor, and you were unhappy almost immediately because we had to take off your clothes so you could be weighed and measured. Today you weigh 8lbs, 7.5oz, and you are 20.5 inches long, you’ve been growing! We were pretty bummed out when we found out your dad couldn’t be in the procedure room with you. He really wanted to be there to comfort you, and talk to you about it if you ask when you’re older.

When they brought you back to us you were really not happy. You were screaming like crazy, and I nursed you while your dad talked to you and gave you kisses trying to make you feel better. I know they give you a shot so you can’t feel it, but you sure seemed like you felt something!

I’m supposed to be changing your diaper every hour today and tomorrow. Our first diaper change was pretty traumatic, you were still bleeding, and still feeling pretty uncomfortable. You’ve been fussy all day, right now it’s 4:30 and you’re finally napping for the first time. I feel so bad for you!

You did much better this evening. Once your dad got home we all just hung out on the couch and relaxed together. You must have been exhausted because all you wanted to do was sleep! We gave you a tiny bit of baby Tylenol at bedtime since we had to clean your incision site and you weren’t happy about it at all. You slept really well through the night though, we had to wake you to change and feed you.