Silas day 17 (21) by ajabean
Silas day 17 (21), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today a bunch of your dad’s family came over to see you and hang out with us. Your Grandma and Grandpa Riddle were here, along with your Uncle Josh and Great-grandpa Al and Step Great-grandma Lorraine.

Al and Lorraine were so excited to meet you! They brought you two little shirts that say “Little Riddle” on them, very cute, and a really neat heirloom silver cup that has your name, birthday and stats at birth engraved on it! Your dad and I were really excited about that, hopefully it’ll be something that someday you pass on to your kids!

After everyone left you really didn’t want to sleep. I think you may be going through a bit of a growth spurt, because you really just wanted to eat every hour or so and only take tiny catnaps throughout the day.

Since it was one of the first really nice and warm days we’ve had in quite a while, your dad assembled the stroller and we took you for a walk through the neighborhood. You fussed a little bit, but it was great to get out in the sun!

(I love this photo of you and your grandpa. He loves holding you and you always seem pretty calm when he does!)