Silas at 22 days by ajabean
Silas at 22 days, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today we had a pretty busy day. This morning we had my follow up appointment with Amy the midwife, and she said everything is looking good and I’m healing well! After our appointment, we stopped by Macy’s to look for a bathrobe since your dad really hates mine! We didn’t find one, but we did get a few cute outfits for you in the three month size. You needed some sleepers in that size since all we had was onesies and it’s still pretty cold here!

Once we got home, you and I took a nice little nap while Nana worked on her laptop and after we woke up we all went to knitting! Unfortunately it was a really small group tonight, only Jane came, but she was very happy to get to hold you.