Silas at 4 weeks (2) by ajabean
Silas at 4 weeks (2), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today you are 4 weeks old! I can’t believe you’ve already been here that long! This morning I got up really early and took your dad to the airport. I woke up your Auntie and she got into bed with you to make sure you were ok while we were gone. This was the first time I’ve left you with someone else! I knew you would be fine with her, and you were (you slept the whole 45 minutes I was out), but it’s a pretty big deal! Once I got back I climbed back in bed with you and we managed to sleep in pretty late after nursing and a diaper change.

We took you out for your first (of many I’m sure) breakfast at Lola. Their food is so good and the whole family loves to eat here when they’re in town. It always feels like a special occasion to go! You were awake almost the whole time we were there, just taking in the atmosphere. You didn’t fuss at all, just looked around a lot.

After breakfast we drove up to Queen Anne, where we nursed in the car for the first time, and I changed your diaper in the back. It felt like a pretty big deal to me, since now that I know we can manage those things, we can be out for longer periods of time without having to come home in between.