Silas at 1 month (3) by ajabean
Silas at 1 month (3), a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Today is your one month birthday! So many milestones! Your Aunt and I had appointments downtown this morning, so we got up a bit early and headed out. You were pretty mellow all morning, so we did some errands and had lunch before coming back home for the afternoon. Today was Deya’s last day here, so she spent a lot of time holding you and loving you before we had to go to the airport. She was so sad to have to leave! I was sorry to see her go as well, it was so much fun to have her visiting!

Tonight was the second night in a row that you have been really fussy in the evening. When your dad and I were talking on Skype I had to stand and bounce with you the whole time so you didn’t cry!