Silas at 34 days by ajabean
Silas at 34 days, a photo by ajabean on Flickr.

Our first day alone together in quite a while! After a difficult night we’re having a bit of a difficult day. You seem to want to be held constantly! I put you in the moby wrap and you were able to fall asleep. You definitely needed a nap, and while I’m not as mobile as if you were in the bassinette, it’s definitely better than nothing. This afternoon we finally made it out of the house. We took our first walk on Alki with Kisha. Almost the whole time we walked you watched Kisha. We decided you were telepathically communicating with her baby, telling him about life on the outside and what to expect when he arrives in June!

Lately I’ve been feeling like you look so much bigger, but this photo reassures me that you’re still tiny, especially when compared to your dad’s hands!