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Despite all the major life changes around here I have managed to get a bit of knitting in. My most recent finished project is a Stripe Study Shawl.

Stripe Study Shawl (4)

When my mom got into town before Silas was born we decided to do a little knit-a-long and picked out this project. I knit a few rows on mine before his arrival, but left it languishing for quite a while afterwards.

Stripe Study Shawl (3)

Not that I was totally neglecting my knitting, I did finish a monkey,

Silas at 9 days (3)

a pair of legwarmers,

Pashmina legwarmers

and a couple of monsters.

Mini Maddox for Mat (3)

Mini Maddox for me (4)

I really loved this project, and the day after finishing I cast on for Different Lines, a variation on the theme!

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I asked Silas if he wanted to do this 200 piece puzzle together while Cal was napping. He helped for about 5 minutes and went off to do other things. When it was finished he said "Oh Mama! Look what we did together!" :joy::thumbsup: #thisissix #djeco

All of a sudden they are both really into wearing baseball caps. It's so cute I can barely stand it. #thisissix #thisistwo #brothers

Silas was ecstatic when the big kids around the corner let him join their street football game on our walk home from school this afternoon. #thisissix #nofilter #westseattle #pleasestaysun

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